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WebShader is an online graphics shader development and rendering tool for WebGL and the OpenGL GLSL shader language.  An early BETA version of the WebShader Editor is available to try here.

WebShader Application Screenshot

Some of our current features include:

A web-based development environment with user resizable and movable windows.
Ability to create multi-pass materials.
Support for 2D and cubemap textures.
Support for renderable textures and depth/stencil render buffers.
Support for importing .obj objects
Drag and Drop support for textures from desktop or browser based images.
Drag and Drop support for objects from desktop or browser links.
Full render state control for passes/materials/general rendering loop.
User defined variables to interface with WebGL shader uniforms.
A set of predefined variables providing access to useful engine information.
A small but growing set of available procedural render objects.
Ability to select the render object for passes/materials/general rendering loop.
User programmable scripting support with multiple available callback entry points.
An exposed JavaScript based WebShader API to interface with the engine.
Ability to load and save WebShader scenes.
A growing set of sample scenes.
Publish your scenes to enable sharing through direct linking or embedding.
Embed published scenes within your own website, without needing any plugins.

Check out the gallery, containing scenes created with WebShader.

Please note:  WebShader requires a WebGL enabled browser, such as the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox.  If you are using one of the above browsers, and WebShader is still not working, check if your browser requires the "--ignore-gpu-blacklist" startup flag or equivalent in order to activate that browser's WebGL functionality.

An early BETA version of the WebShader Editor is available to try here.

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