Mistal Research has a number of applications and research projects under development.   For more information on a specific application or research project, please follow the links provided below.

Terrain Tessellation Screenshot
Terrain Tessellation Research

A GPU based terrain rendering algorithm developed using DirectX 11.  A wireframe mesh is dynamically created entirely on the GPU every frame.  The subdivision algorithm provides automatic LOD with smooth transitions between detail levels.  Please visit the TerrainTessellation page for more information.
WebGL / OpenGL ES
WebShader Application Screenshot

WebShader is an online graphics shader development and rendering tool for WebGL and the OpenGL GLSL shader language.  An early BETA version of the WebShader Editor is available to try.  Please visit the WebShader page for more information.
MindSpider Application Screenshot

MindSpider is a general purpose programming utility allowing users to explore the benefits and ease-of-use of our dataflow visual programming environment and tools.  Please visit the MindSpider page for more information.

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